Model #: 10297

Name: sarahwillman
Location: Dickinson, ND
Age: 21
About Me: Everyday is a fashion show and the world is mii runway!!!!I have done ALot of modeling between north dakota and New york.!!I have a pretty open mind, Im a total scene BARBIE,I love anything with fashion and anything glamourous! Im the girl you only dream about. I am allergic to all Sports and being outdoors makes me wanna throw up. I live in this fantasy world. iv lived in alota places,I'm ALL Ganguro..I say the word "LIKE" alot, I change my mind ALOT, i have full custudy of my 2 kids that are the best blessings ever! Im a shopaholic,I want to save the world someday and fashion design,full of Spice,i am never in the same place for more then a minute,i seek attention ,unpredictable,a high achiever,irreplaceable and when you meet me it will be the best day of your life. My msn is " cuz i love everyone, im inlove with New York and i hate talking on the phone id rather text. oh AND i dont care what you think of me, Ill make your head spin, im a firecracker, And i am the future miss vanna white and i want to be the girl who pops out of your birthday cake!! I also love to sleep, dont judge me Who I'd like to meet:everyone and anyone and their dog! I just wanna dress up like a clown in timesquare and hand out balloons and roses to everyone i see and make everyone smile! I hate talking on the phone, id rather text cuz its less awkward..and i dont want a boyfriend becuz all they do is break your heart.

My highness of happyness...I LOVE???Being Pro-ana~~~~The Smell of NYC timesquare? FAshion Parties?masquerade parties, mY 2 KIDS (NOT GOING TO PUT THEIR NAMES ON HERE FOR PRIVACY REASONS)? ?Roses ? meeting people? beijo bags? DRESS-UP? New York Nite life? glamour Pageants? Raquel Reed? New york couture? gold?Money? Manhattan? Bleach? My flat Iron? Barbies? Donatella versace? Old victorian hunted castles? ?Dior? big sun-glasses? carnivals? Dreaming? fairy-tales? The circus? Casinos? sushi?~ Elephants? Clubs and Bars? tanning salons? Pearls? diamonds? cotton candy? Chanel? Ribbons? diet pepsi? Juicy Couture? Victoria Gotti? FUR? Brooklyn? Lancôme Paris? Hot summers? Lancôme Paris?the Rain? Jesus? the Ocean? My boston terrier RoseMary? Horses? plastic surgery? glitter?~ shopping? Hong Kong? Rollerskating? cities? lamborghini's? rainbows? Lions? classic Thrift stores? Antiques? The Fragrance Poême by Lancôme Paris? chrysler 300s, my parents? My family? teacup pugs? Colored hair? Organza by Givenchy? The Runway? Being Saturdated in modern fashion? Mannequin Modeling? Model Diandra Forrest and Raquel Reed are my favs!

I have a huge fashion Background,, I do have my managers in cosmetology and was a hairstylist for Regis Corp in the past. I also was a Lancome counter manager makeup artist for 3 years as well. Sign up at Sarah Willman modeling community Website personal contacts, websites and email is Sign up at modeling community Website Click … l?n$6337 … /sarah9-3/ … ah+willman http://thefloridamodelingnetwork.ning.c … rah Willman