Model #: 10101

Name: Lacey Luxor
Location: Biddeford, Maine
Age: 31 (look 25)
About Me: Model Resume


Model Name: Lacey Luxor


Official Photographer: Ron Russo

Height: 5' 5" Weight: 110 Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde

Types of photos shoots taken: Swimwear, Body Paint, Nude, Glamour Nude, Glamour, Erotic, Fetish, Etc. I’ve done all shoots possible and I do not mind what type of shoot the photographer requests.

Travel: I’ve traveled for casting calls and been chosen and drove (I prefer to drive to see the scenery) to NJ, NY, VT, NC, NH, MA, Conn, and on May 11th , I was chosen to do a 3 min shoot for a rap video in RI.

Why I Model: I love to model because I love the expressions from the people who love the photos. I use to do webcam work and made a lot of money; however I started getting customers in my area and had stalkers. I stopped doing it, although I enjoyed it. My real enjoy is behind the camera. I’d like to look back and see what I use to look like when I am old. I enjoy different photographers to shoot with, because they all have different styles and different ways to shoot and I learn something from each and every one of them.

My Favorite Photo Shoot: My favorite photo shoot was in Connecticut. I forgot the photographer’s name, I’d have to look it up, but he used body paint. I picked a bikini/lingerie from a magazine for him to paint and you could not tell that I was not wearing it. They had me go outside to do the photo shoot and I kept saying “I’m naked” and they kept telling me you can’t tell. In my mind I was naked, so I went out side and it was busy with crowds and not one of them noticed that what I had on was a painting and not clothing. That was the first and last time I’ve had that done. I’ve watched it on TV and when I had it done it was amazing!

Events I’ve attended: Every year I attend no matter where they are held for Model Mayhem and OneModelPlace where hundreds of photographers’ come out to shoot all the models. It’s like a zoo, you’re having a shoot with a photographer and you have a line of photographers behind you waiting to shoot you. I’ve also attended a show about hair where they did my hair and I had to walk to catwalk. I’m not tall, but it doesn’t matter how tall you are, it’s how you appeal your self to the public and if you stick out. I stuck out and came in first place.

I love modeling and I will model until I look too old to do it. I am 31 right now but look young aprox. 25, so I am good for now. I have no ageing marks or anything. I just regret not starting this when I was younger. I wanted to be a model as a child and started Barbizon, but when I got older I knew I didn’t meet the height requirements so I never checked into it. Then in 2007 I was searching the internet and found Model Mayhem and Onemodelplace and been doing modeling since then.

When I first started I had incidents where photographers wanted to shoot me and I’d go over alone and they would try to have sex with me instead. I then started bringing someone every time since then. Then in 2009 I met Ron Russo and we became good friends and he became my photographer. He wants me to shoot all the time but I can’t all the time, but I do 99% of shoots with him. He has a great eye, on our way to a shoot he’ll pull over and see something and want me to jump out and do a photo shoot in front of a whole road full of traffic and I told him one day I’m going to cause an accident hehehe. Ron comes to my shoots to make sure it’s legit and someone doesn’t try something with me and every time it’s neat the photographer for the casting call that chose me wants Ron to shoot me as well as him. Which is awesome, instead of say 20 pictures a min. I get 40, so it’s great and he’s a great guy.